Two years ago, before Christmas holidays, we decided to make interesting and original gifts for our company’s friends. We wanted something extraordinary, funny and beautiful at the same time. As usuall in SuperDot, designers switched their creativity on a full throttle and came with great bright idea…

This is how MooShema was born…

What is MooShema tablecloth?

It is a practical and pretty cover for tables of different sizes and shapes. designed as modern piece of interior , useful for a picnic or @home. It is possible to draw on it, you can spill on it, smear it, stain it, without fear of spoilin it, since MooShemas are made of high-quality PVC-material.
MooShema is a scheme for 355 days a year, and tablecloth just for ten.
Each Mooshema tablecloth has unique soul. Every single model is specially designed by different author. Each one has name, story behind , intended purpose and history, so everybody can find a right one for himself!


  • made from high-quality PVC-material
  • can be easily washed with water
  • produced by UV-printing technology, which is why it doesn’t fade when exposed to the sun radiation
  • available in different dimensions from 120 X 120 to 140 X 200
  • made in round, squared and rectangular shapes, depending on a model