Would you like to own a small piece of our native land, to admire its sky every day, despite weather, feeling like you are lying on a lawn, looking up, dreaming and listening to birds sing?

You have an opportunity to acquire intangible real estate – a piece of Serbian sky. Charge yourself by the energy of its deep colors and strong emotions. With the help of precise geotag data you can easily find YOUR piece of Serbian SKY. See it in reality and understand that it belongs to you!

Placed in specially designed packaging, “Serbian SKY” parcels are marked by a visual clarity, which comes across as the dominant visual language. It is due to this trait, that the photographs give an impression of emotionally purified visual records. Size of parcel covers all you can see above up to the height of 39.8 km.

It is so pleasant to possess the part of something immense, mighty and so dear and close to the heart at the same time, isn’t it?