POPCYCLE bicycle bags are the result of a designer’s and at the same time cyclist personal need. That is the product that goes beyond the stereotypical offer of accessories for cycling. It is very practical, economical and attractive.
Under the slogan “Women Be trendy” POPCYCLE carries a strong message for awakening environmental awareness among the people, this time a woman as the main target group. To ride a bicycle doesn’t have to be only recreational but also everyday ride. Bicycle can and should be a vehicle for trendy rides with POPCYCLE bag for your outfit.

A Serbian designer Aleksandra Popovic lives and works in Belgrade, under the label of SUNDRI POP Design. A POPCYCLE bicycle bags has designed as a product for those who support a healthy lifestyle and are environmentally oriented.
“As a cyclist I wasn’t happy with the offer of the bike accessories. I think that something like a bag for your bike is very useful. Just from personal needs it came out the idea to make a bike bag for me. And that was the beginning of the POPCYCLE story. Soon I realized I have a perfect product to offer. Designing materials, colors and shapes, it was resulted with few collections of bicycle bags and one collaboration between two companies. ”

Materials that POPCYCLE offers are waterproof, strong colors and attractive designs.

Unusual forms, various colors, recycled PVC, all these combinations which POPCYCLE joke with, creates useful accessories for your bicycle. If you go to work by bike and carry your lap top, POPCYCLE has released the latest model saddlebag with a sponge inside, so that your laptop can be secure with you on your bicycle.

POPCYCLE makes custom made orders. So there is no problem if you can’t find a bicycle bag that fits on your bike. You can choose the colors, materials, design on PVC, POPCYCLE is here to make a bag just for your bicycle.


Wish you happy cycling!