Home, sweet home..

This is where we return to ,after a long long day, place where we want to feel comfortable. We need to be  surrounded by smart & beautiful objects, things that we like and  make us feel good.

Lamps inspired by Kazimir Malevich, the father of suprematism, will create atmosphere of comfort and calmness @home, bringing  some magic, pleasantly surprising your guests. Creative prints, situated inside the lampshades, make lamps look white and neutral when they are off, but when the light is  turned on, prints become bright and capture everybody’s attention. Nobody will stay indifferent to it’s charming light and creative design, which fit well to every interior. Read an interesting book, dream and relax or create romantic atmosphere for people you love in this charming light.


  • made from high-quality PVC-material
  • shades are made by UV-printing
  • can be easily washed with water
  • available in S size (height: 20, diameter: 35) and L size (height: 30, diameter 25)
  • shades made with UV-printing technique